Brandon Ryan Ferrante started the road to licensure at Central Florida Community College where he earned an Associate in Arts degree before transfering to UF. At the University of Florida he studied civil engineering with a structural emphasis. Obtaining a graduate degree from the college of engineering at UF prepared him well. This foundation as well as contuining education allows him to remain competitive and innovative.


Brandon took the professional engineering licensure exam in Florida in 2013.  Being mindful of his future career he elected to take the structural emphasis exam and passed easily. Liscensure is both a privelage and a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Brandon believes every single client is important and highly valued and will make every effort to provide you with a service experience that meets your expectations.    


As benefit and as a personal style Brandon's experience is as interresting as it is varigated.  Begining with structural 
welding after becoming liscensed through the American Welding Society all the way through designing modifications to a 30,000 sqft industrial facility Brandon has worked on just about everything in between. Wether your project is a new home, remodel or repair, insurance and compliance, or an industrial facility and crane he can help you find a solution.

Who I Am

Brandon Ryan Ferrante (myself) is liscensed by the Florida Board (FBPE) as a professional engineer in accordance with chapter 471 of the Florida Statutes. I am also liscensed as a certified welder by the American Welding Society (AWS)  code D1.1 and B2.1. I pride myself on the quality of my work and the attention to detail but above all else I strive to provide a level of service to my clients that exceeds their expectations.  

I am a native Floridian being born, raised, and educated in the great state of Florida. I live in Marion County with my lovely wife, Jeanet and our two sons Luke and Caleb. We enjoy spending time outdoors (more so when the humidity is less than 100%), reading, and most importantly being together. 

What I Do

I see my diversity as my strength. Almost every project invloves more than one type of work, often provided by independent professionals.  By having a varied backgroundand and over 10 years design and construction experience, not to mention living on a farm my entire life, I am able to provide a higher level of contunity to your project.  This is extreemly important to me as many designs are overly complex and difficult to build. This unnecessarly drives up both the initial cost to build and the cost of operating expences. I have a great wealth of experience and know that, despite the large scope of the design and construction process, I strive to make sure my clients find the process as clear and easy to understand as possible.