Industrial engineering design started in 2006 working as a student under liscensed engineers on a wide variety of industrial projects. Enjoying the wide variety of this type of work I have completed designs for 6 pedestrian bridges, 28 crane designs, and hundreds of below the hook rigging devices.
     With 15+ years experience as a structural welder I also have liscenses in SMAW and TIG processes. Material and process experience include high and low carbon steels, aluminum, steel hardfacing, cast steels, cast aluminum, and carbon arc gouging. I have welded on cranes, bridges, heavy equipment, and everything in between with thousands of jobs worth of experience.
    Make your material handling process faster safer and more efficient with an industrial crane. Free standing or mounted jib cranes, top running or under-slung bridge cranes, or monorail easily pay for themselves with their benefits. Price: Varies based on capacity and size
    Over time manufacturing facilities need adjustment to meet current demands. If these changes are significant and not designed properly it could result in costly OSHA fines. Call today and I'll ensure your structural modifications are safe and compliant. Price: Call today for free phone consultation and quote
    OSHA requires that any under hook lifting device be designed and properly marked for capacity. If you need older rigging certified or your in the market for a something new the designs will come with all necessary details including welds, copes, lugs and marking layouts. Price: Varies with capacity
    An aesthetic pedestrian bridge over a creek or pond can offer a wonderful feature to your property. My simple low maintenance designs are in accordance with AASHTO criteria ensuring many years of enjoyment. Price: Based on length and use
    The structural steels used today are very different from the grades used in the past and have to be welded appropriately to develop their strength. From cast metals to high carbon steels welding can be the most critical part of any design. Call to discuss your project. Price: With other services no charge, varies otherwise